Construction Limestone Dome Storage, RCBM Norzagaray Plant


There are some structures that are unique in their construction method. One of the unique structures that I have ever seen is the limestone dome structure that part of RCBM Capacity Upgrade – Norzagaray Plant, Philippines.

The limestone dome is a new facility owned by RCBM Norzagaray Plant. The structure was designed by CST and constructed by Aboitiz Construction in 2018-2019. At that time, I was part of AECOM Philippines as a Project Management Team Consultant.


The Dome diameter is 87 meters, which material structure is special aluminum. Erection of this structure is required a special tower crane, which is provided by OEM – CST. Each member is fabricated precisely hence it is easy to be assembled on site.


During erection works, the tower crane needs to be tied up to the deadman. These wires ensured that the tower is stable whenever the structure is under construction.

There are deadmen that shall be prepared before the erection: 1st internal deadman 6 pcs, 2nd internal deadman 12 pcs, and External deadman 7 pcs.

The construction and Quality team surveyed the coordinates for each deadman and constructed it as per the requirement.

Construction Stages

Construction stages were planned into several stages, as illustrated below.

Illustration of Construction Stages

Stage 0. Site Preparation

Before the erection stage, the CST supervisor conducted a special drill for the workers, so workers can work as OEM guidelines and quality standards.

Toolbox Meeting: OEM CST, Project Ower RCBM, AECOM, and Aboitiz (Contractor)

In this stage, the area was prepared by the contractor. All of the required tools and materials were put inside the dome. Site leveling was carried out also during this stage.

Site preparation

The 1st step was to install a special tower crane, in the center of the dome.

Install tower crane

Stage 1. Construction Up to 5th Ring

The next stage was to assemble the structure up to the 5th ring. One by one each member is connected and tied up to the tower, then slowly lifted up. These processes required precision workmanship and were supervised closely by OEM.

Precision connection between members
Connecting the members

Once the members already connected, the contractor continued to install the roof panels and skylight (if any).

Initial installation of 5th ring
Install roof cover up to 5th ring

Stage 2. Construction Up to 10th Ring

Once the 5th ring was already completed, the contractor continued to prepare and install the next ring up to the 10th ring. The contractor is required to dismantle the attached deadmen wires, then the work process was repeated the same as the previous ring.

Installation up to 10th ring

Stage 3. Construction Up to 17th Ring

Installation up to 17th Ring
The Dome structure is complete and the tower crane already dismantled


I was excited to have experience with this unique structure. The structure installation was designed, fabricated, and installed precisely. Good supervision and workmanship were required to construct this structure.

Furthermore, the achievement was not only for the construction aspect but also for its HSE implementation and Quality achievement. Good teamwork among project owner (RCBM), OEM (CST), Consultant (AECOM), and Contractor (Aboitiz) made it happen.


Republic Cement & Building Materials Inc. – Norzagaray Plant, CST, AECOM Philippines Inc., Aboitiz Construction Inc.

Special thanks to :

Ferdinando Millesi, Ruel Goc, Francesco Sangali, Bernado Pascua, Ronnie Estrella, and other project team members of RCBM Capacity Upgrade – Norzagaray Plant.

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