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A brief story about us

PT. Hadinata Niaga Internasional was founded in 2022. Our mission are delivering the best commodity product of Indonesia to the global market. We collaborate with local farmers and handicrafter to bring the finest product from its source. We have the vision to expand our business with the local community empowerment.

We also have a dedicated product line - VETIVERSO - that focuses on vetiver products. 

Commodity Exporter

Indonesia has a diverse and one of producers for commodities such as spices, coffee, tea, roots-essential oil, tropical fruits, coconut, and frozen seafood.

We are committed to delivering these products to meet your demand. With local partnership program, we support our farmer and handicrafter.

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What do we export?

Coffee bean

Coffee and Tea


Herb & Spices


Roots & Essential Oils


Tropical Fruits

We are pleased to serve you 

+62 811-172-347 or +62 (21) 5890-5002 ext 103
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